Where to custom embossed ,sequentially numbered silicone wristbands


nt ,the personalized wrist band also has its own specific size . Different sizesequentially numbered silicone wristbands personalized wrist band suitable for different ages people to wear . Because the size of the wrist of different ages of people is different . Since the personalized wrist band was born ,more and more people choose to order it to wear , wearing silicone bracelets has become a trend . Do you want to make your own wristbands ? Do you know how to choose the size of the personalized wrist band ?   About the silicone wrist band ,there are some common size for the customer to choose . Such as adult size (202*12*2 mm) , youth size (180*12*2 mm) ,toddler size (150*12*2 mm) and so on . Different size suitable for different ages of people to wear . Normally if the adult come to us to order silicone bracelet ,we will suggest them to choose the adult size (202*12*2 mm) for their own silicone wrist band . But different people ,the size of the wrist is different . So how do we determine the specific size of our wrists ? We can use the tape measure to measure the wrist size of our wrist .In addition to the band length ,about the band width ,there are 1/4 inch (6 mm) , 1/2 inch (12 mm) , 3/4 inch (19 mm) , 1 inch (25 mm) and so on . When we choose the width of the wristband ,we don’t need to consider about the size of our wrist .       custom-wristbandcustom-medical-bracelets

The function of a silicone bracelet The bracelet is generally used as ornaments orsequentially numbered silicone wristbands jewelry, now more and more people use the bracelet to do business promotional gifts, souvenirs, gifts and so on. Currently a kind of silica gel made silicone bracelet is especially popular on the market.  A silicone bracelet : 1, soft and comfortable to wear.  2 a customized LOGO is used for printing, promotional gifts, business gifts, or gifts. 3, incorporation of negative ion powder in the silicone bracelet has been reached to care for the human body,like promote blood circulation, anti fatigue and other health and body balance effect. This kind of bracelet is also called energy bracelet.       polynesian-wristband-tattoo-designspersonalized-anniversary-bracelets

how to make rubberband bracelets

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